Interesting to see a bin bag strapped to the upper deck of one of Green Bus’s 22 journeys.
Well, interesting enough to get me pondering as to why we tend not to see litter bins on today’s buses.
The 87 from Brum to Dudley probably counts as one of the worst examples of litter I come across on local buses in the West Midlands (although I’m sure that’s challengeable) – I’ve seen all sorts on there rolling around from half chewed chicken legs to what looked like half chewed headphones…
But whilst litter – ally – challenged may take some re – educating on that route, would the general appearance of bins on buses encourage more responsible rubbish disposal?  I’ve already seen 2 people use this admittedly unattractive bin bag on this journey.
The used ticket bin used to be the destination of all sorts of disposed items but with more folk using passes even the requirement for that is declining.
It’s all rubbish.


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