The Bus Tracker 13/03/17 – “Fake Bus Stops and a cover up”

With all the furore over “fake news”, The Bus Tracker notes with interest some excitable happenings over the altogether more sedate world of bus stops.

First up, none other than “National Treasure” (as described by The Daily Mail) Dame Judi Dench, who managed to get involved in some low-key whinge from a bus driver whilst on some jolly stunt involving a pub landlord and a fake bus stop.

The shenanigans involves some cheeky pub boss in Kent who erected a bus stop outside his boozer, claiming that he’d doubled his takings by doing similar in 2015. So he invited his friend the Dame to attend the “opening” of his new one and stick her hand out for the next Metrobus-operated 291. The driver duly pulled up and then realised it was part of a wheeze – especially when the film star didn’t even get on. “Well that was a waste of time”, he was supposedly heard to mutter.

In further intrigue, the Landlord claims to have found the bus stop pole “in the bushes”….

At least Dench turns out to be a secret fan of buses. “I love buses. I like them better than tubes”  she says – although she also admits that she never uses them. Oh well. At least she’s saved the Local Authority from coughing up for a concessionary journey…

You can read all about it here


And there’s more, as Jimmy Cricket used to say…

In the equally sedate area of Harrogate, suggestions of skulduggery involving missing timetable information. Local independent Connexions Buses is complaining that all of it’s timetables have disappeared from timetable cases on the route between Harrogate and Knaresborough – a route that sees competition from Transdev. North Yorkshire County Council aren’t getting involved (despite them owning said cases).

Transdev claimed information relating to their own services has been “covered up” – so they’ve produced a replacement that shows all operators services on the corridor. Now isn’t that a grown up response?

At least the good folk of this part of North Yorkshire have got roadside information – something that might be regarded a bit of a treat in other parts of the Kingdom…


One comment

  1. Lee Render · March 14, 2017

    There’s a weird setup in North Yorkshire when it comes to timetable displays

    In the Harrogate area, I think a large amount of cases are actually Transdev’s and there’s always been an agreement in place that Transdev would either leave space for other operators or produce the display out right for all services.

    This goes back a number of years back when all that money was around to improve rural bus services. On corridors routes, or routes it felt merited North Yorkshire County Council would indeed produce the information at roadsides bar where Transdev operated and they’d do it all given they’d do a better job.

    However time, and indeed people have moved on and things get blurred resulting in some of the mess on street, likewise it could easily be said tit-for-tatt was going on with the cover overs! But common sense has come back to the fold.

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