Blobby in Bath

Bath has a problem. It’s geographically located in a “bowl”, and, like many urban areas, it’s full of cars. The air quality, like many urban areas, is rubbish.

I spent a full day at a conference there the other week, listening to the often compelling case for light rail. Despite some haggling over whether buses have had their day, there is a feeling something has to be done.

Maybe Noel Edmonds has the answer. Mr Blobby’s mate was already known for his supposed ownership and use of a black cab in order to cruise the bus lanes. Now, during his stint on “I’m a Celebrity” (proving that yesterday’s stars really can’t give it up) he was telling anyone who would listen that he’s apparently now the proud owner of a Routemaster, and that if he and his mates fancy a day’s shopping in town, he simply parks it up at the nearest bus stop.

What a pity his old programme Swap Shop isn’t around anymore. We could have swapped Noel for someone who actually cares for his own City…

Read about it here…

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