Buses…I Like The Idea…

94%. Is that enough?
Should be. Or shall we get a Go-Pod? The charge might not be enough if we’re out all day.
Yeah. Remember when these were called Uber? And they had actual people controlling them?
Blimey. I’m too young to remember that! Talia’s Mum Willow remembers though. She was telling me how people used to drive cars manually and get all uppity about it, because they all wanted to be first in the traffic!
Funny isn’t it, when you look back. Maddox has been doing some history project. He was on about “buses” the other day. Like some sort of ride-sharing thing. Really fascinating. You’d stand on the side of the road in designated areas, and this thing called a “bus” would come along at set times. It ran on a fixed route, so everyone knew where it would go.
Was that driven by a person?
Yeah. And they used to collect fares too. Or people would wave a bit of plastic at it, in the days before we had our biometric chips.
I love this idea though. I know the pods are great but you don’t get to see anybody.
Probably a good thing!
I know, but still….it’s the interaction thing. Everything is so…functional these days…
The thing about buses is that they weren’t reliable…
But how come? They sounded like a good thing.
You know when people controlled their own “cars”? It was like a status thing. Their car was their personality. I mean – who would have their own pod these days? So there was no way they’d make space for buses to go first in the traffic. And the politicians wouldn’t let the buses go first. The minute they suggested that, no one would vote for them, because another candidate would suggest the opposite.
That’s just bizarre.
Isn’t it? You think about how many people you could get on a bus. There’s one in the museum. About 80 people on one bus.
Ha. And now there’s 80 pods! I know we’re zipping around here and there, but there’s something logical about a “bus” on a fixed line at regular times. It’d mean so many less pods everywhere.
They weren’t always attractive though. Imagine a bus every few minutes. No problem. But then you’d get outside the city and there wouldn’t be one for an hour. That’s where you needed a car or a pod now.
True. But you could have had a version of a bus that was more like a pod, surely? If a few people needed it, it could have had a slightly different route every day, according to demand?
Yeah. “demand responsive” – a bit like how we book our pods today.
Funny when you look back. They used to say that, in the future, no one would need to travel – we’d all be using video links and the like. That never happened, did it?
I know. But we all need to get around, don’t we? Pods are good, but you have to wait ages to book one in the peak times. If you had big pods running along fixed lines at regular times, you wouldn’t need to worry about trying to book and having to wait to see if one was available.
That was the beauty of bus, eh? They were mad to get rid of them.
Yeah. Buses…I like the idea…

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